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Backup Exec 2014 and Endpoint Protection Small Business 12.1

Hi there,


we got running BE2014 an SEP SMB 12.1 in our enviroment. Directly after the installation of SEP SMB the network/backup performance gets very poor.


Got only 91 MB/min running my Backupjobs to a NAS from the Media Server.


I've found lot of Guides to configure SEP 12.1 in addition to BE. But no guide for SEP SMB - the firewall rule settings were more different from those for sep 12.1 without smb.


Can someone help me to configure SEP SMB correct to geht the be processes running without scan of the network traffic?


Help would be great.


Thanks a lot.





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Try this KB -

Try this KB -

Hi,   i was looking for



i was looking for something like this:


I dunno why there is no guide like this for SEP SMB?

This is the right point in the guide you send?


Monitoring an application to create an exception for the application

Hi, Are you using Small


Are you using Small Business Edition 12.1? Could you share the SEP SMB version details?