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Backup Exec 2014: disaster recovery scanario

Hi All,

I'm finding a way to to be sure to be able to restore backups in a disaster recovery scenario.

This is my configuration:

1) CASO SERVER with deduplication storage (located in the main office)

2) MEDIA SERVER with deduplication storage (located in the branch office)

Usually backups are made on the CASO server, then duplicated to the remote media server



The CASO server fails:

1) I need to restore the last CASO server configuration

2) I need to restore backups from the remote media server

I know that the remote media server can be used only if the CASO server is restored with the last working configuration.

In another post ( I read about manual users tasks to backup the BE folders (stop services, copy folders, etc.).

I don't want to make these manual tasks, because all should be auto-consistent and backups of necessary folders should be automatically made.


Thanks for your support.

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Use SDR to do your restores.

Use SDR to do your restores. Read the SDR chapter in the Admin Guide

Couple of SDR caveats since

Couple of SDR caveats since you are using DeDupe -


You may need to make the

You may need to make the remote media server stand alone if it contains the backup sets for the CASO server and once you have done that you should be able to use remote SDR (where the SDR disk becomes a remote agent) Note: depending on the catalog locations configured during the backup operations, you may have to do some inventory and catalog operations before you can do an SDR restore (and might need copies of the .DR file for the CASO server itself.)


if however the CASO server backs itself up you can, assuming the backup set storage is available, then use the SDR disk to act as a Backup Exec server and directly restore (again the .DR file might be needed.)


For either scenario above, you would still have to recover the BEDB as the SDR process will not recover database content directly and once you have the BEDB back you can then add the server that you made stand alone back into the CASO as a Managed server.






I am having simalar trouble

I am having simalar trouble but this is with our media server not allowing the SDR switch to turn on or off? Can anyone assit me with that.

Seranrio is trying to do test SDR bare metal restore does not work on media server (due to no .DR file)

Trying to convert to VM from point in time will not show recovery point same issue as above (no .DR file)

SDR is not working for a media server so all you can do is a file level restore of your media server, which suchs when your trying to recover from disaster.

Don't post your problem

Don't post your problem multiple times. It is confusing