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Backup Exec 2014 workaround clarification

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Hi there,

While I've updated BE 2014 to SP2, I cannot update a particular server with the later agent for a little while; until then, I would like to implement the workaround described here:

However, I am unable to understand "create a String value with EV alias name example "EVsqlalias" and leave it blank.".

Does this mean I should use the DNS alias for the SQL server hosting the Enterprise Vault database, the DNS alias of the Enterprise Vault server, or something else completely?

Thank you in advance,


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It is not advisable that you delay updating the remote agent for too long. You might end up with some unexpected problems.

There is no need for the workaround if you update the remote agent to SP2

Good morning,

We plan on deploying the agent quite soon, but I am keep to stop the job failing due to the bug (hence the workaround).  SP2 is installed, but the agent has not been updated, so the problem is still occuring.