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Backup Exec 2014

Level 0

Hi All


i have inherrited a backup exec 2014 system but no details for the support / licenses.

is there anyway to retrieve these or create a case to get support from veritas?

since i don't have any details or contact number to actually create a case.

and i'm not able to get trough the support line's phone waiting list. (i have been trying for a week) 


kind regards,



Level 6

Support for Backup Exec 2014 ended in 2018.

Your license to use Backup Exec 2014 is likely perpetual, but your support is likely expired long ago.

You will likely need to contact Veritas sales, or your reseller, to see about upgrading to the current version, Backup Exec 21 to become supported.


Feel free to start a new thread here of any technical issues you may have and the community may be able to advise you.