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Backup Exec 2015 "Could not connect to net.tcp//servername:50104/BEMService/ServerData"

There was another thread simliar to this but that solution wasnt any help to me.  Im able to connect to my MMS server from my windows 8.1 desktop, I CANNOT connect to the CAS server from the same machine.  im trying to elimate having to RDP to my backup exec servers.


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Hi, So Windows 8.1 is



So Windows 8.1 is supported for the Remote Console installation so compatibilityisn't an issue.

What account are you using when you try connect? Does it have sufficient rights? You can read the article I wrote about the BE RC a while back and it would still be relevant.

Have you made sure that any firewalls are allowing communication through?


Im using a Domain Admin

Im using a Domain Admin account that is in the local admin group on both servers, I can login to the MEDIA server no problem but CASO times out.  I have disable the local firewall rules on the CASO server and it still doesnt work, NET is allowing everything to my servers, I have lock them down with my local policies.  Is there a specific port that is used for the RC? 50104?  I had the same problem on 2014 where I could login from the console on my windows desktop to the MEDIA server but the not the CASO.

thanks for helping out Craig....


50104 is used the Backup Exec

50104 is used the Backup Exec Management service.

Is UAC enabled on the CASO server ? Are all services especially the Backup Exec Management service running when you try to connect via the Remote Console ?

Are you able to connect to the CASO from the MMS server's console ?


thanks for replying VJ, UAC

thanks for replying VJ,

UAC is disabled via GPO on all my servers

All services are running, verified.

I can connect to CASO from the console on the MMS and vice versa.



What is the size of

What is the size of "logBeserver.txt" on the CASO server ?

Is any SGMon debugging enabled and left on on the CASO server ?

Do ensure debugging is completely disabled and the above mentioned log size shouldn't be large at all. If needed, cut this file from the current location and place it in an alternate location. Restart all CASO services and try to connect again via the RAC.

If the above doesn't help, then debugging should help. Could be a network related issue then.

And if possible, would you export the Application & System logs from the CASO server and PM me. Thanks.