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Backup Exec 21 catalog share

Hi everyone,

Our team have 2 different site which are production and DR:

1)Production - hostname: BACKUPSVR01

2)DR - hostname: BACKUPSVR02

Is it possible for us to use the catalog from BACKUPSVR01 on BACKUPSVR02 when production site is down?

I would like to know if it's possible to do that without CASO.

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Re: Backup Exec 21 catalog share

No.  This is not possible without CASO.


Re: Backup Exec 21 catalog share

Veritas support informed it's possible by exporting the encryption key followed by migrating the catalog and file data into the new server in this case with different hostname.


After migration, they suggested to configure FQDN for the IP address of the server. I will test this out and update the status afterwards. 

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