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Backup Exec - 33808

В журнале событий вижу такую ошибку, относящуюся к программе Backup Exec 2012:

Источник: Backup Exec

ID: 33808

Произошла ошибка во время обработки команды B2D.
 Changer: CreatePath() CreateDirectory1 failed (\\?).  Error=123

Что это за проблема?


2 Replies

Do you receive this error

Do you receive this error while creating a Disk Storage or during a backup to the Disk Storage ?

Is the Disk Storage local or on the network ?

Does the BE account have full permissions to this Disk Storage ?

I have network storage. And

I have network storage. And have full access. My backup jobs succsessfully executed.

This message occuring some dayes ago and after this I not receive this message.