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Backup Exec 8.60 Catalog Files (.U01)

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I'm running Backup Exec 8.60 and have noticed the following directory:
C:\Program Files\VERITAS\Backup Exec\NT\Catalogs has a large number of
files ending in .U01 (Catalog files) with dates that go back for years, and are very large in size.

My question is, I have only five (5) tapes for the purpose of backing up my server on only the days of Monday through Friday, and then I just reuse the tapes starting at the beginning of the week. I only need it for the week.

My concern is I get the alert message that there is not enough disk space available to write the on-disk catalogs. Please free some space on the volume and retry the operation.

Do I need to keep the old .U01 files around, or can I just delete them, and keep the most current one? Or is there one catalog for each tape?

I have just one backup job defined that runs each day (Mon - Fri); however, there are other jobs listed (multiple restores that I don't use or need).

Will eliminating the restore jobs remove the catalogs? Mind you there is not a one to one correlation to the jobs to catalogs that I can see in the job definitions.

So, can someone tell me what I can do to clean up this directory and also to have my backups run even faster too?

Also, what about the other files in that directory (e.g.: *.TMP, *.SM, *.FDD, *.idx and *.idb).

Thank you in advance for your help and support.

MIS Department

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As the folder states this is your Catalogs, which when you do a restore gives you the option of navigating thru and selecting the files/folder to be restored, So with out those you can not view the folder and files that were backed up.
You can have Backup Exec limit how long to keep the catalogs, (Under Tools / Options check out the Catalog tab)
If you ever need to do a restore from a date in which you do not have a option under restore Selections, and you have those tapes, all you need to do is catalog the tapes and it will provide the selection at that point
Hope this helps..