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Backup Exec Appliance incremental backup SQL failed

Hi Folks

Here we are hitting a problem. We have a VM which is a SQL servers, however, due to some reason, we choose to backup as a physical server.

We have installed the agent in the SQL server, and successfully run the FULL backup. I manually run a incremental job, which is success with exception. Afterwards, the schedule time start and automatically run the incremental job, but fail this time.

Attahced is the related information of the job logs and the setting of the backup job of the SQL server.

Please kindly provide help.


3 Replies

Split your SQL DBs for

Split your SQL DBs for backups so that 1 Full backup is set for DBs with simple recovery model and 1 full + incremental (log) backups are set for DBs with full recovery model.

Secondly, if running any native SQL backups/maintenance plans or backing up the SQL VM itself via another job, do ensure it does not interrupt with the Full + Incremental (log) sequence of BE's backups.

Hi VMware, thank you for your

Hi VMware, thank you for your prompt response.

Is there any method to make the backup work without interrupting the SQL?

Since we are not easy to make any change of the SQL.

Many thanks.

You'll have to consider

You'll have to consider changing the schedule of the SQL backups made by BE. For egs, the sequence should be such ~

Full by BE

Incr (log) by BE

Incr (log) by BE

Incr (log) by BE

Native backup by SQL

Full by BE

As you can see the native SQL backup runs after all the log backups and before the first full by BE. Apart from there isn't any other method to reconfigure backups to avoid interrupting the sequence.