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Backup Exec Architecture for VMWARE

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Please guide me what's best way to deploy vertias backup exec for VMWARE .

Can I install 2 instances of Backup Exec 1 on physical server and 1 within VM. if my VM environment have issues I can use Physical one to restore VM's . The virtual backup exec server will speed up the backup operation by using hot add features. do I make sense? what's the role of media server?




Refer following article for Backup Exec best practices.

Best practices for Backup Exec Agent for VMware.

Backup Exec installed on virtual machine works as good as physical machine. Depending on the need you can even go for CAS-MBES deployment.

Media server is nothing but a Backup Exec server which has different media\storages attached. E.g. Disk Storage, Tape Storage, Cloud Storage. Its always recommeneded that backups are duplicated to remote storages like tape, cloud so that in case of issues with local repository, backups can be restored from remote storages.

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Hi, Media server = backup server. It handles all the tasks in your backup environment (backing up & restoring; catalog of data and backup media etc). You can cluster a BE server which gives you the ability to load balance (from what I can remember of previous versions). However, another way to do this is to consider backing up the Data/Catalogs folder on your VM and storing those on a physical server. IF you need to activate that server, you'd simply install BE on the physical server, stop the BE services, rename the current Data/Catalogs folders to data.old/catalogs.old and copy the backed up folders to the installed location before starting up the BE services. Thanks!