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Backup Exec B2D restore error

Level 3

I'm hoping someone can help me resolve an issue I'm running into trying to restore data after a file server crash.  From within BE->storage->data sets I can see all of the files and folders that needs to be restored.  I was able to restore majority of the data without any issues, but when I try to restore a certain subset of files the restore fails with "An inconsistency was encountered on the storage media in Disk storage 0002" and V-79-57344-33994 - The data being read from the media is inconsistent.  The orginal file server where the data resided crashed and all data is being restored to a new file server.  I'm trying to restore the data from B2D backup files and not tape.  I thought I would check here before opening a support case.  Any troubleshooting tips would be great  Thanks


Please let me know if additional information is needed