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Backup Exec Cloud To Cloud b/up strategy

Level 6

I heard that BE supports C2C strategy. can anyone explains this in detail with example.....

this is what I think when talking about C2C.....

1. does that mean that I can host Backup Exec Server in the cloud(Azure,Amazon,Google)? buy the storage in the cloud(Different Tier) and move it to different cloud vendor(Azure,Amazon,Google) which is again in the cloud?

2. For Example if Iam hosting the BE server in Amazon I can b/up data to the Amazon storage and then b/up to Azure Storage?

any help will be appreciated.........


Level 6
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Do you mean the Backup Exec Cloud Connector? I guess you could technically move data between 2 different clouds using Backup Exec Enterprise Server Option and the CASO module, but the guys at Veritas should be able to assist more. PM Colin Weaver and see if he can assist.

for My undersatnding. if I host a CASO in Azure and another MBES in the Amazon and share the disk drives I can send the data between 2 cloud vendors?

can I create a dedup drive on the cloud storage to use OPTIMIZED DUPLICATION?