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Backup Exec Continuous Protection Server Manual Delete



I have run out fo space on the drive that the CPS stores its files...

Insufficient disk space on the volume holding the journal files. GM****** Volume Y

I knew I was getting close on space, on my file server, the other day so I deleted a number of large files from it.. freeing up 100GB of space.

When I browse to the Y drive, I can see two folders with the server names of the two clustered servers I am running CPS against. Inside them I can see the files that are mirrored from my file server... 

My question is.. knowing that there are a number of specific folders I deleted from my file server yesterday, could I delete them manually from this mirror'd set as well.. or will that break something? This would then cler out the space I need for CPS to work properly again...




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Your fileserver and CPS

Your fileserver and CPS server are mostly in synch with each other , so if there you delete a file it would get deleted from CPS server as well . Its not recommended to delete any files directly , If you want you may log in CPS console and delete few snapshots as per you need.


Documents for ur reference


Thank you for the links

Thank you for the links looking at them now... It would seem that there is some form of delay between the CPS server and fileserver as I removed 2 folders and 2 files totalling 100 ish GB yesterday but I can see them still in the folder structure on the CPS server.


Although it may not be

Although it may not be recommended to delete any files.. I have a single file that is 20Gb I know is deleted and gone but is still showing on the CPS server file structure... what would happen if I was to delete this?


I would prefer delting old

I would prefer delting old snapshot instead of deleting the Files 



Good advice and thank you..I

Good advice and thank you..I just gave the server a reboot (it had been up for some time) I went to the snapshots as advised in the article you linked...however the delete option is greyed out for all the snapshots Smiley Sad


you may refer the following

you may refer the following arcticle

As I dont have any test setup for CPS its diffcult to provide excat info. CPS is already End of support .


Looking at it now all the

Looking at it now all the jobs that are continuous are all greyed out in the job monitor and are showing as unavalable in the restore tab.


RIght... It wouldnt start all

RIght... It wouldnt start all the services as in the eventlog it was stating it needed at least 128MB of space to start and only had 48.. so I stopped the services... removed a single 100Mb file from the CPS file structure and did the same from my file server.. I know it wasnt recommended but I couldnt see any other way to get the services started..

I have now asked it to delete a single snapshot form 21:00 last night... the status is now "Pending Removal" how long will it take to actually remove it?