Backup Exec DLO 7.0


I need sugggestion on Symantec Backup Exec DLO options, how DLO works.

we have one Backup Exec 2012 Server running on Windows 2008 R2 Ent with some windows client. Backup jobs are configured & its running fine.

Now i need to implement DLO 7.0, we do have the icense for DLO.

My questions are -

1) Can we install DLO 7.0 in Backup Exec server? If Yes, will DLO database make any changes in current Backup Exec database. 

2) How to install DLO in Laptop & desktop

3) How to configure Backup Jobs.


2 Replies

1) Yes, you can install SDLO

1) Yes, you can install SDLO 7.0 on the same server as Backup Exec. It will not make any changes to the current BE database as DLO has its own database.

2) There are multiple methods for installing the DLO agent such as push install or placing the DLO agent installer on UNC path etc.

3) Would recommend to have a look @ the DLO Admin Guide, as this product is considerably different from BE. In a gist, you would creating a "Policy" with desired settings and then assigning this policy to the user/computers for backups.


Just for your info DLO has

Just for your info DLO has it's own forum located here


Admittedly asking compatibility questions between DLO and BE can be asked in either location