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Backup Exec DLO Questions.....

We are currently testing out DLO option for Backup Exec 12.5.

In testing it I backed up My Documents, My Favorites, & Desktop. In the status view of the Desktop Agentit show 34GB worth of stuff saved on the network. I realized that  15GB of that was MY Music folder. So I went in and UNchecked the MY Music folder from the Backup Selection list. Saved the change, but it still shows 34GB saved on the network.

Will this automatically get deleted off the Network? Or do I have to manually go in ther and delete it myself? I know if I were to delete the files off my computer that they will eventually get deleted off the network as well. But not sure if this happens if you just un-select it from the backup list.

I'm just trying to prevent filling the network drive with unnecessary items.

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This is a backup concept

This is a backup concept misundertanding.

Once You've already sent the data to backup, it's supposed that even if you delete it in "production" in case you need it back it will still be in the backup.

That's the why it didnt delete the data in the backup set.

The easiest way is delete your backup set and start all over again, if you wont do this, once that image that contains your music files expires it will be delete.


The DLO Policy applied to the

The DLO Policy applied to the user will have Revision Control settings that control how long to keep items for - this might help you get rid of them.

There is also a deleted item retention option.

Both these items are in the Properties of Each of the Backup Selections i.e. if you click My Music in the Profile and Click Modify you will find them. - As such not sure how you trigger them when you have unchecked the selection that controlled them

You might be able to set to keep 0 revision in the Network User Data Folder and then set Delete user Data after 1 day (against the My Music Selection) then re-enable then wait a couple of days then re-disable it.

Bear in mind that even though the files you are trying to remove are held on the server the housekeeping task itself is requested by the DLO Client - so files will only be removed that meet the deletion rules - when a user is logged in.