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Backup Exec Database Error


Backup Exec Database is giving error while trying to Rebuild Indices, Perform a Consistency Check, Compact etc.

The only option that works is repair database. Please see the screenshots below:


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Re: Backup Exec Database Error

this problem is not a problem caused by backupexec, but by the native sql client.

this post should be addressed to microsoft forums

Re: Backup Exec Database Error

Hi Jurgen,

Thanks for the reply. The thing is that I've installed BackupExec on another server and migrated the Data and Catalog folders from the old server on the new one. BackupExec 15 works ok on the server, however the problem still persist. Same problems as above, and while trying to upgrade to Backup Exec 16 I got the following:



 There should be definitely something wrong with the database...

Re: Backup Exec Database Error

the error you mention is correct. since be16 there is no support anymore for lotus domino (see SCL - end of life inforrmation)