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Backup Exec Dedup Store multi core or not?

Level 3

I'm currently testing and documenting the process of upgrading our Backup exec infrastructure from version 14 to version 16.

While reading - too much documentation - I've found in a PDF document ; Backup-Exec-Best-Practices-Guide.-v.4.0.pdf (page 7) that the deduplication process is not capable of using multiple cores and to turn off the hyperthreading option in the BIOS to speed up the cores.

But then all the hardwares recommandations regarding a BE server should have @ minimum 6 cores.
This is confusing, what exactly is meant here regarding the multi cores and hyperthreading?

Thx for any input on this.


Level 3

Hi, the actual Deduplication-Engine isn't multi-core capable (we're working on it) and the Best Practice Guide info to disable Hyperthreading will allow the CPU to use higher frequencies for the available cores which will push the speed of the deduplication tasks. hope that helps. rgds Gerhard