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Backup Exec Deduplication Assessment Tool not working

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I downloaded the files twice. One from the partnernet (france) the other from a ftp server (us_canada). The one from partnernet that does not show the capacity report and the one from ftp that shows the capacity report does not show nothing at all when it commes to the report.

I followed the prerequisites considerations from Rahul G.


1-It would require admin privileges.

2-Yes, it puts temp files and are removed when you exit the tool.

3-It should not effect anything else on that server. However there are some Known Issues and Limitations.

- While running the tool, you may face an issue that no resources are displayed on the Select
Resources panel. To resolve this issue, restart the following services on the servers that you
have selected for scanning, and then run the tool again:
- Remote Procedure Call
- Windows Management Instrumentation
- After you complete the deduplication assessment, when you click Finish, the tool may not exit
immediately. This delay is caused because the tool cleans up the temporary data that is created on
your computer before it exits.

4-Additional info:

The following are the prerequisites for running the Symantec Backup Exec Deduplication Assessment
- Microsoft.NET Framework 4.0 must be installed on the computer on which you want to run the tool.
You can download Microsoft.NET Framework 4.0 from the following URL:
- Ensure that the following services are running on your computer:
- Remote Procedure Call
- Windows Management Instrumentation
- Computer Browser
- The locale of the operating system on your computer is set to English (United States).
- On Windows XP workgroup machines
- Need to bring XP machine into domain or
- Security policy should be switched to "Classic"

The following prerequisites must be satisfied only if you want to auto-update the Backup Exec
Deduplication Assessment tool:
- Firewall on your computer must be disabled or configured to allow outgoing FTP communication.
- Your computer must be connected to the Internet. 


This is not acceptable at all. The tool is designed to help partners demonstrate the value of Backup Exec and its deduplication technology to their customers (Symantec). But if you do so you will run into serious problems (Experience). 

I ran the utility like 50 times. The only thing that I found out is that it creates the files scan.txt (when you do not use the c:\temp like default) correctly and you can see the status of the dedupe in the file, but nothing else, the report will not show anything at all. I have ran the utility before ( 6 month) without having problems. Now I am not able to do so. 

Is there someone that has make this work?, is this related to different local settings,? and why does the changing the unicode language to US not solve the problem? Why do I get a report: scan.txt file but cannot see anything in the reports. Why do this works before and not anymore? Why there is only 2 versions of this file available?

A lot of questions I know, but like I said before this is total unacceptable when it comes to test this at customers site. 


best regards 




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Hi Cruisen,

I hope that you are using the latest version of the BEDAT Tool ( i.e. 1.1.1206) on systems that support the basic requirements for BEDAT.

Request you to do the following:

  1. Create BEDAT.ini file at %systemRoot%\temp location prior to running the tool.
  2. Rerun the tool with the same set of servers to reproduce the issue. You can find the detailed steps for log capture in Help file, available only after running the tool.  Click (?) icon present on top-right corner.
  3. Share the BEDAT_LOGS from the %systemroot%\temp folder for investigations.

Hope this helps.



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Hello Cruisen,

Request you to share the above mentioned (in Era's post) information for investigation. Above information will help us to server you better.






Level 6
Partner Accredited

Thanks i did not have the time yet, I will keep you posted asap.