Backup Exec Deduplication option

I currently have  backup exec 2012 media server installed .It was backing up to a data domain device using OST plugin.

I am using  the 60day trial licenses(10 day Remaining )

However recently the deduplication option disappeared.As such no backups can be done to the data domain.

On checking the windows services the following services were not runinng

  1. Backup Exec Deduplication Engine
  2. Backup Exec Deduplication Manager
  3. Backup Exec postgresql 8.

I tried to start the services but got error 1053 postresql .

I tried to start the the backup exec services (everything) but on restarting the services the  deduplication services and the postgresql appear disabled and  cannot be started.This is the case even on rebooting the server.

"Windows could not start teh postgresql-8.3 service on "my server" Error 1053: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion."





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Re: Backup Exec Deduplication option

Hsve you tried to restart the server? Is an upgrade to Backup Exec 15 not an option?


Re: Backup Exec Deduplication option

Check the Windows Eventlog to see whether there are any error messages pertaining to the service startup failure.

Also, try to start the service manually when the server is not busy.


Re: Backup Exec Deduplication option

See if these KB articles help or not -