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Backup Exec: EC2 and On-Premises CAS/MBES configuration

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We are working with a client who wants to move all his on-premises infrastructure to AWS cloud. There is a limitation with his WAS bandwidth which is 1gb. Their total data size is 30TB. Since the data size is big and the WAN bandwidth is limited they are going with a transportable disk which will take the initial full back to the cloud and then there will be just incremental backups that will be sent to cloud.

My query is has anyone done a configuration where there is a CAS and an MBES on EC2 virtual machines and then there is another MBES which is on premises. Can we have some pointers on how we can achieve this setup. How will the communication between the CAS Backup Exec server on the EC2 and the on-premises MBES server happen? What are VPN configurations that need to be done to get this configurations working.

I believe that if the communications between all the servers is working, then this setup should work and the customer can achieve what he is looking for.

Any pointers regarding this will help a lot.

Thanks in advance!




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Hi, To connect to AWS you might want to check out the document below: Once your connection is sorted out, then the actual configuration of the CAS is the same as if it was onsite, and you can read up on that below: Thanks!

Thank for the reply Craig. what I am looking for are pointers on how the communication between a CAS  server on Amazon EC2 virtual machine and a MMS on a physical server on-premises will happen. The link that you have shared, talks about configuring AWS storage in Backup Exec.

If there are any pointers with regards to the VPN configuration to enable the communication between CAS in the EC2 VM and MMS on-premises will be very helpful.