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Backup Exec - Error/Warning E00095B3

Level 3

I've been trying to migrate my backup jobs from Windows-Agent-Based "old-school" file backup to using the Vmware-Agent-Based "new-school" snapshotting (Forever-Incremental) backups.  My largest VM (which holds the majority of actual data) is of course the only VM failing to work.

The 3 VM guests I'm currently working on backing up are on the same ESXi 6.7 host.  While 1 is failing with the error e00095b3, the other 2 work correctly.  I can't seem to make heads or tails as to what is causing the failure.

Of note, all backups are being stored on "Backup to Disk" which is a ReadyNAS (btrfs backed) SMB fileshare.

  • GRT enabled or NOT - Same error
  • Reboot BE server | Reboot target server - Same error
  • ESXi shows all "successful" at a glance at the alerts/notifications
  • NO usage of vSphere/vCenter (afaik), only use the ESXi host webui for management.

I'm still rather a newbie to Vmware and Backup Exec, I'm hoping someone better than I can point me down the right path.  I've attached the 2 resultant debug log files from the job (both sanitized and one truncated).




What is the version of BE/?


I found this error in BE remote log.

[2324] 2020-10-15T09:17:34.472 [ndmp\loops] - LP_ENV::MsgError: error 0x200095b8 processing object [110] GUESTVM\GUESTVM-000002.vmdk

BE version is 21.1

I saw this article as well, which is why I tested with GRT enabled and disabled.

Perusing the log I noted that one of the VMDK files was outside of the actual GUESTVM filesystem location and I started to wonder if maybe the job couldn't access it that way.  However I fixed this last night and I still get the same error today on testing.

Now I wonder if there is some sort of Veritas VMDK file size limit for this as this GUESTVM specifically has 

  • 80GB OS
  • 12TB Data-1
  • 200GB Data-2
  • 8TB Data-3
  • 1TB Data-4

Before anybody asks I did not do the deployment on this VM which is why it was scattered around the filesystem and has inconsistent disk file sizes.