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Backup Exec Hangs on Exchange

Level 3

BE 21 patched with REmote Agent upadated as well

Status of Job "

Active : 0 of 3 backup session processed for Granular 235GB

Backup is stuck at this point

This happens mainly with full backups of Exchange (no DAG in this case) but alos with small incremental Exchange backups as well



Do you try to restart Backup exec server service and remote agent on exchange server ?

I'm looking at 5 small Incremental backup jobs - all stuck at GRT - Background processing

All the jobs are under 8 GB in size

Task Manager shows system at 2% with bare minimal Backup Exec utilization (< 1%) and no SQL activity

Job rate has dropped all the way to 14MB a minute because nothing is happening
No Alerts

No event in the Windows Application or System Logs

Backup system is connected via 10 GB connection to the backup array