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Backup Exec Incrementals on Disk Storage

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Hello, (Backup Exec Newbie here)

We have certain jobs that have fulls (to tape) and then incrementals (to storage) and then duplicates of those incrementals (back to tape).

The issue I'm facing is that even after fulls run (to tape - using last modified time not archive bit) the incrementals don't seem to be aware as they continuously grow in size and after expiring they do not clear from storage. 

Can anyone help a poor soul out?



The full and its assocuiated incremental need to use the same storage, otherwise you will get problems such as you've noticed.

You may also get this error: - AVVI Incremental\Differential backup fails with the error "0xe00095b4 - Incremental\\Differential backup methods are not supported for this VM"

Does that still count if we are not backing up the VM itself but the data within the VM? (C:\, D:\, etc)

We have a bunch of jobs that run fulls to tape and then differentials to disk (and then duplicates back to tape of those DIFFS) and the differentials seem to be aware of the fulls on the different media. 

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Whether the incrementals are aware of the fulls is a different problem from what you are facing.  You are facing a disk management problem.  DLM is unable to manage your disk properly if your fulls are on tape.  Why do you need to put your incrementals on disk?  Why not just put them on tape straight-away?

Has to do with when tapes are off-sited and having a local copy to restore from instead of waiting for tapes to return for the last month. 

Anyway, I just changed the job a bit to put the full to disk and incremental to disk and expired the old sets before the full took place and DLM still hasn't reclaimed that space.


Any ideas?


A few questions:

- Do you have more then one backp set of each server you are backing up?
I am asking because Backup Exec has a build in feature of keeping at least one backup set from each backup job by default so that even if you no longer run a backup of that server and that set is expired it will not be deleted.
This option can be disabled but this is not recommended.

- If you go to the "Storage" tab and select your B2D folder and then "Backup Sets" you should see a column on the right "Retain Reason". 
Do you have any reason listed there which might help explain why the set is not deleted.

- if you right click on the backup set which you want to expire and set expire; do you see any dependent backup sets listed and if so are all of these expired?