Backup Exec Job Engine and Remote Agent keep crashing


I'm currently using Backup Exec 2014 to back up our infrasdtructure which is a mix of physical and Hyper-V guest machines.  I am experiencing intermittent problems where the Backup Exec Remote Agent and sometimes also the Backup Exec Job Engine crash, rendering the active and remaining jobs to fail.

Some of the backups go to a deduplication disk and others go to standard disk, but all get duplicated to tape after they have verified.  I have raised this with Veritas but have so far not had much joy in sorting it out.  I have noticed from last night's failure that 2 catalog jobs were running at the time.  One catalog job had partially worked for some of the Hyper-V server's virtual resources in the job (8 out of 29 - this was from a backup to the standard disk) whereas the other one had failed to catalog any resource (this was for backup to deduplication storage).  In both cases, the failure was due to the Remote Agent crashing on the backup server.

I have noticed a lot of PDVFS errors in the event log (event id 50000) and wonder if this has any relevance.  I have read articles suggesting these can be ignored, but I do get a lot of them.  An example of the error from last night is:

"An error occurred in the PDVFS driver: <err> pdvfs_cache_lookup: <GUID> didn't find after update blk_offset 131072 xfer size 262144"

I was wondering if anyone has experienced similar problems and has any idea as to how to resolve it.  It seems to be related to the Hyper-V guest backups as the three jobs that fail are the three Hyper-V backups (one to standard disk storage, the other two to deduplicated storage).  One Hyper-V backup job protects 4 VMs on a Hyper-V cluster (to deduplicated storage), another protects 11 VMs (deduplicated) and the third protects 5 VMs (standard disk storage). Apart from the cluster, the backups protect the Hyper-V standalone servers themselves in the same job as their VMs.  Another point to note is that the catalog jobs seem to take a long time on some of these jobs.

Any help would be much appreciated as this has been happening for some time now and can fail several times a week or as little as once in 2 weeks.  It is a pain as if the full backup fails, it can take the whole week to get back into step and sort the problem, especially if other crashes occur during the week.



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Hi ... 1st make sure you dont

Hi ...

1st make sure you dont have anyother backup application installed on this server like veeam. If yes Stop all services related to that other backup applictaion

2nd make sure dedupliction folder is complete excluded from antivirus.

also exclude 

C:\ProgramData\Symantec\Backup Exec
C:\ProgramData\Symantec Shared


Hope it works.