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Backup Exec Kaseya Plug in for Release 8



I have checked the forums and I am not able to find any further information on this article


Has Symantec released a newer version of this plug that is compatible to Kaseya R8 or R9


Please advise

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I would suggest you to

I would suggest you to contact support to get more information . so far I don't beleive we have plugin which supports Kaseya R8 or R9

Subscribe to the following document


RahulG  Thank you for the


Thank you for the response - However talking to anybody in Symantec about this is not happening. I have called the support number and been on hold for 20min. THe first person I spoke to - hung up on me when I referenced the TECh172294 article number.The call center personal didnt know what I was talking about. So if you could check with your Product Manager for Backup Exec that would save me HUGE amount of time

Would appreciate your assistance.




@ VJware  could you refer the

@ VJware  could you refer the technote which states it does support Kaseya 8?


BE 2014 does support Kaseya

BE 2014 does support Kaseya 8. We are updating the plugin to work with v8 this week and I would suggest to bookmark the above KB for now or subscribe to it for change notification.


The KB has been updated with the newest plugin.


The same KB article which was

The same KB article which was posted earlier, i.e.


Oh the technote just got

Oh the technote just got updated yesterday. Cool!1