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Backup Exec License Violation

Hi everyone,
Can someone help me on this issues?  I had installed Backup Exec 10d on a server and Backup Exec Agent on another server.  I tried to backup data from remote server to tape but I get error
"License Violation
A Remote Agent for windows Servers License is required for protecting remote servers with this edition of Backup Exec........."

These server I have is not on the internet.  I can't register online for license.  Does anyone have any ideas?

Richard Nguyen.

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Hello, How many licenses do


How many licenses do you have?

Go to tools-->License and options and check how many licenses are installed....


If you are backing a remote server you will require Remote Agent for Windows Server (RAWS) License.

RE: Backup Exec License Violation

In addition to installing the RAWS code on the remote system, have you also installed a RAWS serial on the Media Server?

Both are required to backup remote serverOS machines

To backup a remote server,

To backup a remote server, you would need to purchase a remote agent licence from Symantec.  Once you have the serial number, you install it on the media server and your remote agent will work.  You do not need any Internet connection.

You would need to contact Symantec Sales regarding the purchase.  However, note that BE 10d has reached its End-of-Life and is no longer supported.