Backup Exec Migration With DLO

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DLO is now a separate

DLO is now a separate application and not bundled with BE 2012 at all.

You can either uninstall DLO if no longer required and then perform the upgrade (better option!), or try the upgrade without the uninstallation.


DLO is now a seperate product

DLO is now a seperate product and no more integrated into BE 2012. Here is some documentation about the upgrade process to BE 2012.







thanks for the answers, yes i

thanks for the answers,

yes i know that is a seperate product that need to be install seperately (my license is out of maintence period and i can't install it on trial mode when upgrading to 7.0 SDLO)
but i need to use my DLO and rather than that do the migration to 2012.

There are couple of options

There are couple of options as I see it.

1) Contact the licensing team to check if you can obtain trial license for SDLO. If yes, run an in-place upgrade of BE-DLO to SDLO and then upgrade Backup Exec

2) Uninstall BE-DLO and run the upgrade from BE 2010 to BE 2012. You can install SDLO laters when you obtain licenses, however you would not be able to restore/import the prev version's database.