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Backup Exec (Multiple versions) unable to replace old logon account with new

Level 3

We are attempting to clean up old accounts in Backup Exec. We have a lot of passwords that need to be changed and wanted to correct some of the configuration issues by first cleaning up accounts to minimize how many are within backup exec. 

However, on numerous servers I am getting the error "unable to replace old logon account with new" when I try to remove accounts. In many cases it will prompt about the account because it is in use, but I have already re-targeted all of the jobs, credentials on servers, etc. 

Nothing actually shows in the list as to what is using the account. Then when I pick another account anyway to replace the account, I want to delete I get the error, "unable to replace old logon account with new"

We have a few versions out there mostly 20.x and 21.x - it seems to happen across versions. 
I found some information that it was a 'bug' in versions quite a bit older. 

Is this is still an unresolved issue or is there a way to fix this without resetting the database or re-installing backup exec?