Backup Exec Obsolescence Enquiry

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Please could you tell me when Backup Exec 2010 R2 and Backup Exec 2010 Virtual suite ceases to be supported and what Veritas products they are superseded by?

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Re: Backup Exec Obsolescence Enquiry

For EOL info refer to the below blog




Re: Backup Exec Obsolescence Enquiry

FYI...this is exactly what you're looking for:


BE 2010 R2 has been superceded 3x already and the latest version is Backup Exec 15 with FP4.


Re: Backup Exec Obsolescence Enquiry

Just to add some extra info to AmolB's link

If you go here


and then scroll down - the right hand side bar also contains the dates (you can use the drop down to change versions)


4 (End of Life) is usually the date at which we release the next version (as per link above the 2014 details that are not completed in AmolBs link are EOL =  April 6th 2015, End of Engineering Life = October 6th 2016)

In the time gap between 4 (End of Life) and 3 (End of Engineering life) , customers can log support cases (if they have a contract) and support can advance through to engineering (if that becomes necessary) BUT a business decision will be taken (which includes reviews of exposed vulnerabilities) as to whether a fix will be made available for the EOL version of the product and in most cases this may mean that to get a fix a customer may have to go to the newer version (and custoerm will need maintenance contracts to cover for this situation) As part of the offered assistance during this period, Tech Support may also attempt reproductions (if necessary) - in the past this period was known as Limited Support.

In the time gap between 3 (End of Engineering Life) and 2 (End of Support Life), customers can still log support cases (if they have a contract) and assistance is offered based on known information (Knowledgebase, Documentation etc). Reproduction attempts or further research for unknown issues are not provided and no form of advancement through to our engineering team is available. In the past this period was known as Partial Support.

For BE 2010 (all releases) this means no further patches or updates and we can only offer answers based on issues or configuration questions we are already aware of.


Note:  The exact specifics of support offerings and timings once a product is EOL are under review (since the split from Symantec) and I believe that more formal documenation covering the final details will be made avilable in due course.