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Backup Exec RPC server stops because of memory use BE2014

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We recently upgraded from BE2010 R3 to Backup Exec 2014.

The migration functioned all right, but now, there is a problem with memory consumption. Our server runs Windows 2008R2 Enterprise. We have 8Gb Physical memory.

When running long backup jobs (several hours), the memory used by Backup exec RPC server grows, and keeps growing until it has consumed all the RAM, and then stops, and crashes.

Even when no job is running at all, the memory used by this server keeps growing.


When running 2 simultaneous long jobs (12 hours), the jobs finish succesfully, but no crash happens, as not all the memory is consumed. However, afterwards, the memory is only released slowly.

When running 3 simultaneous jobs, after 7 hours, BE crashes.

This did never happen with BE2010R3.

Does any one have an idea what happens, and what can be done? Any tips about this?

Many thanks in advance!

Best regards,


Luc Vandromme

Vlaamse Landmaatschappij




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If you're running an antivirus on that server, check to make sure that it isn't perhaps actively scanning the BE services. If so, put in exclusions for them.

Also make sure that the media server is fully patched with any updates from LiveUpdate.


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Is your BE 2014 patched with this HF ? - 

If yes, i would recommend you to log a formal support case so that we can review this issue further..