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Backup Exec Remote Agent Failure - Server 2003 & BEX 12.5 SP2

Hi All,

I have some issues with backup exec remote agents getting installed on a few targer machines.


Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition
Backup Exec 12.5 SP2 (Updated to current)


We have about nine servers that is running Remote Agents. Four of nine servers got updates without hassles yesterday when deploying RA's to the target machines. Five servers failed. I have tried adding the servers each on in go, seperatly, by IP address. Without any success result.

Upon adding the target machine name/IP it prompts for the Username & Password, which uses admin username & password, pushes the remote agent, BUT THEN fails to install it. So connection between the source machine and target machine is established, pushes the installset for the update, but fails to run the installset for the remote agent.

Some Remote Agents are 5 updates behind, some to 3 updates and some are 12 updates. Same result on all the servers.

Any Ideas?


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Are you relying in the push

Are you relying in the push installer saying ther are XX updates to install as this messaage has a bug which is only fixed by having the very latest hotfixes to your media servers. The bug actually says teher are updates required when all teh updates have been installed correctly.

If you are actually getting an install failure then suggest doing a local install using the relevant .CMD file (don't use setup.exe)

No, as I mentioned, I was

No, as I mentioned,

I was getting install failures for the updates of the remote agents on the target machines

Hi there: Check if Windows

Hi there:

Check if Windows Firewall is enabled or any other Firewall client e.g. Symantec Firewall,

Try to install the agent from the target machine itself not using push technology,

Login to the target machine, browse to your Media server\(Symantec instalation Folder),
e.g.   C:\Programe Files\Symantec\Backup

Find the folder RAWS32 , run setup.exe, then login back to your media server, the agent now updated and you can confirm that from logs.