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Backup Exec Remote Agent fails with error Access Denied

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I am currnetly having an issue peshing a Remote Agent install to a machine in my network.  I have been able to ping this machine both by Name and by IP address.  Also this machine does show up in Symantec EndPoint Protection.  However, when I try to push the Agent using the same username and password I used to push to all the other machines this one particular machine gives me an error that Reads Access Denied.  I know for certain that this machine is turned on and connected to the network.  Does anyone have any insight as to what I may be able to check to try and solve this issue.



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Try running the install locally from that particular server. Browse to your installation directory, and start the setup. Then choose the option to install the Remote Agent.

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From the backup server

Go to C:program files\symantec\backup exec\agents\ raws 32 (if you want to install remote agent on 64 bit OS then use RAWS 64)

copy it to the server where you want to install the agent
and run the setup.exe file

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The other thing to check is that your antivirus isn't blocking the creation of *.exes or other system files.
From our side, I've noticed that the latest version of McAfee has been doing this on certain servers, meaning I have had to temporarily disable the on-access scanning to install the application.

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We have this problem with two Windows 2003 Domaincontrollers.

The error that occurs is: "Access denied" or "System can not find the specified path".

We obviated this error by performing a local installation of the agent as Ruchi already mentioned.

This link might be helpful for you:

In short:

Copy the folders RAWS32 & MSXML from the media server -> Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec\Agents\ to the root directory of c:\ of the server where you want to perform the local installation.

Run the setupaofo.cmd if you want to install the Agent and the Advance Open File Option or run the setupaa.cmd if you just want to install the Remote Agent For Windows Servers.

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I'm having the same problem with the installation of the remote agent on a DC. I've tryed the option to do the installation localy but with no success. Any new ideas?


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Have had this problem multiple time on varioius servers.   Solved by copying the correct RAWS locally and then running.  This works every time.