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Backup Exec Remote Agent

Level 3

I currenly have Backup Exec 11d Media Server vesion 11.0 Rev 7170 with same admin console running on Windows 2003 Storage Server SP2. I also installed Backup Exec Remote Agent Utility to 3 other Windows 2003 server hoping that it could also backup its data having it centralized into one backup system. I do not have any problem backing the local files where the Backup Exec is locally installed only on the remote server which is sitting on the same LAN. The error was 'Backup 00004 -- The job failed with the following error: Access to a device was not authorized with this edition of Backup Exec'. Symantec was able to see the server list in the Resource List under Domain and all passed when I run Resource Credential Test. Im not sure if this is licensing issue

Any inputs are greatly appreciated.


Level 6
HI jabba,

both Backup Exec Media Server and Remote Agent should be same version.You can install Remote Agents, from media server. I guess every Remote Agent needs a license.
I do not understand the error "Access to a device was not authorized" what this means? What means device?

Can you run a backup only to the media server?
What happens when you run a backup only to a remote server.

Another good practice is to run Symantec LiveUpdate, may be you have a hotfix that solves your issue.