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Backup Exec Remote agent service at starting stage and hang up.

The Remote Agent Service not starting properly, it will just time out, and under services states it is "Starting".
When open the Remote Agent Utility and going to the publishing tab, an error message is received:
"Unable to obtain settings for remote agent publishing from the registry"
Try to set the media server again. but not saving the settings. It was working fine from last 9-10 months.
No information is available in event log also.
im using windows server 2003 enterprise server with Backup Exec remote agent 11.  Pls provide help on this asap as my backup is not working since last 2 days...
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Re: Backup Exec Remote agent service at starting stage and hang up.

I had the same issue on my servers.  Using remote desktop I tried to reinstall the client but I got errors about permissions to remove the services during the uninstall.  After poking around for a while with logs I decided to logon to the server's remote console  ("Mstsc /v:servername /console" at the command prompt) and I found an error message that did not show on the remote desktop.  I clicked the ok to clear the error message and I am currently backing up my sql dbs on that server.

Hope that helps!

Message Edited by Paul Jamieson on 05-08-2008 08:11 PM

Wow, I've been trying to get


I've been trying to get a server to work for a few weeks. And this fixed it. I just damewared into the server and clicked OK on the error popups. And BAM it works.