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Backup Exec Reporting Infrastructure

Level 1

Here is an overview of the reporting capabilities of Backup Exec, including features that make Backup Administrator life easier in terms of creating reports.

Default Settings
There is a provision to create a default template that helps give a similar look and feel to the organization reports.
Click the Backup Exec button > select Configuration and Settings > select Backup Exec settings.
Default settings for ReportsDefault settings for ReportsStandard Reports
Backup Exec has numerous pre-configured standard reports that help administrators show detailed information about the system. These reports are strategically grouped into five categories: Configuration, Jobs, Media, Devices, and Alerts.
Example: "Restore Set Details by Resource" Report from "Jobs" tab
Report lists all Restore jobs that ran within the specified time range on selected servers. The jobs are grouped by the server and resource. Users just need to click on "Run" and a report will be generated.

Custom Reports
Custom Reports functionality helps to create reports that contain information to meet your organization's specific requirements.
Example: Report about Jobs displaying only specific fields and pie chart based on status.

 Below are the steps to Create Custom Reports:
1. Reports tab > New Custom reports.
2. Fields Selection: 
Field selection.png3. Graph Options: The reports' graphical representation is based on the fields and criteria. A pie or bar graph is supported. Select category, data field, and function as per the requirement.
4. Click ok. The custom report will be shown under "Custom" Tab.

Scheduling a report
Users can schedule both standard and custom reports.
1. Right-click on the report that one wants to schedule > Schedule report

2. Configure schedule

3. Scheduled reports are listed in the "See upcoming" report group.

If one wants to configure email notifications after a report is complete, then the recipient can be configured in the "Notification" tab.

For additional information about the Backup Exec reports feature, please refer to the Backup Exec Administrator's Guide.