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Backup Exec Reports

Level 4

Hello all,


I have scheduled reports in Backup Exec. The reports I have scheduled are Jobs Summary and Operations Overview. I noticed in Tools ==> Options you could set the Reports to PDF. I did this and it only seems to change the reports within BUE. I was hoping this would change the email attachment of the scheduled report from HTM to PDF. Yet they still come as HTM.

Does anyone know how to configure BUE 12.0 to send the report email attachments as PDF over HTM? If you can change the report internally in BUE to PDF surely this is not a stretch.

Best regards,



Level 6
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Nope. The email attachment consist of jobs that gets successfull or failed and these always gets generated in HTML, so no way to get them in PDF but sure can be a good idea to put it for enhancement for later revisions

Level 3

One of many things that make it very irritating to work with Backup Exec...frown