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Backup Exec Restore to NAS

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i have one problem. We want to Restore many Data from old Tapes and won't to use a NAS as target device. I have create a share. and administrator have all rights on it. Same at the server. i can write data to the share but didn't can make a restore job to the share.

In the restore job properties, i have uncheck the option (Restore all information except security for files and directories) & re-try the restore. But every time i get the error "Auftrag beendet am Donnerstag, 16. März 2017 um 13:13:29
Abschlussstatus: Fehlgeschlagen
Endgültiger Fehler: 0xe000846a - Die Ressource konnte nicht wiederhergestellt werden, da bei der Verbindung zu Backup Exec Remote Agent for Windows Servers ein Fehler aufgetreten ist.
Stellen Sie sicher, dass die korrekte Version von Remote Agent auf dem Zielcomputer installiert ist und ausgeführt wird.
Endgültige Fehlerkategorie: Ressourcenfehler"

Sorry it's german. It means Error: 0xe000846a can't connect to the Backup Exec Remote Agent for Windows Serversat the target device.


Did everyone has an idea what i can do? Thanks


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If that NAS has NDMP enabled (so responding to request againt Port 10000) then that will be your problem and you need to disable NDMP to do the restore to the share.


If it responds on te NDMP port it fools Backup Exec into thinking our agent is there and then the next communication request (expecting to use the agent) fails



on the NAS NDMP is disabled.

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Can you put some test files in the share and backup from it - as if you can't backup from the share, you almost certainly cannot restore to it.


Also (and I am not sure all NAS vendors did this) but NetApp did have a version of Ontap that still responded on the NDMP Port with NDMP disabled - the way to prove this is test with Telnet. The only way we coud fix this was using a software firewall on the BE server to block outbound NDMP port requests to the IP address of the NAS (if you block all outbound NDMP then Backup Exec will not work at all)