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Backup Exec - SDR

Hi Guys,

Just a Quick discussion about how exactly SDR works.

I am testing SDR for restoring if my BE server crashes. I read about how SDR works, still want to get things clarified.

1. Lets say, I had Backup Exec 2014 running Windows server 2012 and it got crashed.

2. I have created the recovery disk back in 2015, still have some of 2016 backups of my media server stored in a DISK.

3. I am buiding the server for SDR restore and connecting to Disk directly.

4. I have connected the SDR disk (USB) to my newly built server,

Here is what I need clarifications:

Once I connect the SDR disk and select the server name and select point in time, will I see the recent backups which I have taken in 2017 or will I see the backups(Retained) from 2015 when the Disk was created.

Please clarify.



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Re: Backup Exec - SDR

The backup sets on the USB disk.

Re: Backup Exec - SDR

You may need to provide the more up to date .DR files as well (which is why .DR files have a primary and secondary storage location as they are important.) - in this case, you might find that .DR files may be inside the USB disk with the backup sets (in which case you will just have to browse to them when needed, although personally I would make sure I take regular copies of the .DR files from the BE server as well, just to cover all bases)

Re: Backup Exec - SDR

Thank you colin, It was very helpful.