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Backup Exec - SQL servers won't save more than one backup

Level 2

Hello guys,

I'm kind of new to Backup Exec and was hoping to get some insights on an issue we're having. I did a quick research but found nothing relevant to the case.

we're using BE 15 to backup several physical and virtual servers, all are working fine except SQL servers. All servers are scheduled for daily backup, and if we're to restore any server, all restore points are there (around 15 days back), while all SQL servers on BE has only one single backup record to restore from, the last backup taken (from previous day).

please note that we tried both full and incremental with the same result, a single restore point for the day before.

I appreciate any help or suggestions!

let me know if you need more info.

thank you guys!


Level 4

Are the SQL Servers doing a virtual or physical server backup?

Are you backing up to disk / tape dedup?

Can you post a screenshot of what you're seeing when you go through the restore wizard?

Hello Ben,

Thank you for your prompt reply,

Its a virtual server backup taken to disk, its configured with full backup weekly and daily incremental.

I checked today, and the restore wizard acutally shows the previous backup sets for the VM! previously it showed a single backup for some reason!

it appears that it has been resolved! thanks again Ben.