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Backup Exec Server and best CPU

Looking to replace our current server that Backup Exec is running on.

Unable to find any documentation regarding the server is mutlthreaded and takes advantage of muticore processors (physical and/or virtual).

Can anybody tell me if I should purchase fastest CPU with low core count or slower CPU with higher core count?

Is the default database that comes with the BE server have memory/processor limitations?

Anybody recommend VM for running the BE server? 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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Re: Backup Exec Server and best CPU

I would do the latter, since latency is what you want to reduce.

This is easily noticed when the console is really sluggish.

You want BE to be responsive, the rest of the speed will come from IOPS in the hardware.

BE certainly can run in a VM, as long as those .bfk files could be read easily, ie., stored on some usb harddrive what can be plugged into an other workstation to see its BEData folders.

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Re: Backup Exec Server and best CPU

You can't use BE in a VM if intending to use tape drives