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Backup Exec Sharepoint 2010 agent

Level 4


I encountered a problem with the sharepoint 2010 agent, using Backup Exec 2010 R2.

We have a serverfarm which consists of 2 servers(windows 2008R2, SQL server 2008 R2): 1 server is situated in the DMZ, the other server which contains the databases is situated in our internal domain.

We would like to be able to restore teamsites at theitem level, which is possible when the serverfarm is entirely situated in the internal domain.

When trying to define the serverfarm in a backup exec job, using "add server farm" the be able to select the farm for backup, I get the error

"None of the web servers for the specified server farm could be accessed".

Does anyone have an idea how this can be solved?

Many thanks in advance!


Luc Vandromme


Level 6
Partner Accredited

Does the BE service account has the correct rights in SQL ?
What are the ports you have opened between the BE and DMZ server ?

Level 4

Hello ZeroCool,

Thanks for answering so quickly.

Through "Tools\options\network and security\enable remote agent TCP dynamic port range" in Backup Exec, we fixed ports 10200-10255 which can be used to pass through the firewall.

We have two domains: internal domain = VLM,which contains the DB server and  DMZ domain = VLMWEB, which contains the teamsites, the two domains have backup service accounts.

We used vlmweb\backup service acount to try to backup the server farm. As this failed, I tried to give rights to this account on the SQL server db's in the internal VLM domain, but this failed, as the account was not known in the internal domain. This account can be used for backup of the C-drive of the server, which contains the DMZ part of the server farm, this functions OK.

The problem seems to be, that a server farm which has parts in both domains, is not recognized.

When both servers of the serverfarm are installed, either in the DMZ, or in the internal domain, backup functions OK.

Does this clarify the problem?



Luc Vandromme




Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified

Have you looked at ?