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Backup Exec Trial

Level 2

Hello Vox community,

First off I'd like to state, that I just started a IT job a couple of months ago and don't know a whole lot yet. This also applies to Backup Exec. Recently my employer gave me the task of checking out the new Backup Exec, since it has moved from Symantec to Veritas. As well as getting the prices we would have to pay to upgrade to the newest version (which i btw haven't found out yet either). We have Backup Exec 15 running on a couple of systems, but they generally haven't been used that much.

Now I went ahead and downloaded the trial of the newest Backup Exec I could find. The first thing I came across, that struck me as being a little odd, is that I wasn't able to install the standard way. I've attached screenshots so you guys can get a better understanding of what I mean. Second odd thing I came across is the fact that I was only able to install the "Remote-Adminconsole". So I did just that. After installing I open the application to find a prompt, that would want me to connect it to some kind of server / client, from where I would back up I assume. Closing this prompt closes the application.

My skills are as aforementioned not very good so I don't know what I did wrong and if I can do more than what I think I can do with it. I know that it's a trial version, yet I don't quite grasp the concept of how someone would be able to test a program / get their opinion on it, without really testing its full capacities and abilities.

I'm sorry for anyone that is offended by my little knowledge, but I am thankful for everyone that can help me. Maybe I can do more with this "Adminconsole" than I thought. Looking forward to some helpful replies. 




You tagged your post with "Windows 10", so I am guessing that you are attempting to install Backup Exec (BE) on a Windows 10 desktop?

Windows 10 is not supported as a BE Media Server.  Windows 10 is supported with the BE Remote Agent and with the Admin console.

You will need a supported server platform to install BE as a media server.  If you do not have a physical server available, you might use a virtual server.  Then you can either run the Admin console locally on that server and/or from your Windows 10 desktop.

You can learn all about the hardware and software compatibility at