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Backup Exec Upgrade from version 10D to 12.5

Level 3

Can upgrade direct be done? I googled and found a lot of people saying that it can only be done on version 11.x.

Must i upgrade from version 10D to 11D then to 12.5?

I am currently running Version 10.0 Rev 5484.

Was thinking of doing the free upgrade to 10D first then to 12.5.

Or should i upgrade to 11D then to 12.5?

What is the recommend method?

Thanks in advance.

Level 5
Yes, its correct.
you should first upgrade to 11d 7170 and then to 12.0 or 12.5.
As database is not compatible this is the method to get entire configuration of 10d to 12.5

Any queries please let me know.


Level 3
Thanks kkate,

Thanks for the confirmation.

When we have successfully upgraded to 12.5, am i still able to restore tapes that are backup using version 10?

Can i say i only need to catalog the tapes that are backup using version 10 and i am able to restore in version 12.5?

Thanks in advance.

Level 6
You shoud still be able to restore backups made in 10 using 12.5.
If the catalogs are still on disk you shouldn't need to re-catalog the tape, the upgrade will preserve the catalog files.

Level 3

Level 2
Hi Crisracker,

My Name is Pratik and my question is related to your one.

Currently customer has Symantec Backup Exec 10d (10.1 Rev 5629) installed and would like to upgrade to Symantec Backup Exec 12.5. My current Operating system is Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition with Service Pack 2.

Do we first have to Upgrade the version from 10d to 11d and then 12.5 ? Did you upgradaded the version and does that successful and if yes which document you follow..?

It would be grate help if you provide me some detail (if possible step by step) on the upgradation.

Thanks in Advance