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Backup Exec and Exchange log truncation for virtual based backups

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I have exchange 2016 installed on Windows Server 2016 and running as VMware virtual machine.

I am backing it up using Backup Exec 20.5.

Everything works fine except that logs are not truncated.

I am backing up Exchange as virtual machine (virtual based backup) - I am not using agent based backup.

When using agent based backup, there is an option when scheduling job (into Microsoft Exchange options) to truncate logs.

But with virtual based backup there is no that option.

So basically using virtual based bacup it is not possible to truncate logs?

Am I correct? If not, how to enable exchange log truncation using virtual based backup.

If I am correct, my question is if I enable circular logging on Exchange databases level, will virtual based backup be able to perform proper incremental backup (in context of exchange databases)?

Documentation states that Exchange should not perform circular logging because backup exec needs full log chain.

Does this statement applies for both backup methods (agent based and virtual based backups)? Will backup/restore incremental virtual based jobs fail if I enable circular logging?

And if yes, only solution for truncating logs would be to backup Exchange with agent as a physical machine? And from time to time cath full VM backup?




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Please have a look at BE Admin Guide - Appendix   - topic: Backing up VMware virtual machines.
Read everything under this topic (including GRT selection) up to page 970 of BE 20.6 Admin Guide: 

Use VSS Copy backup
Select this option to enable Backup Exec to perform a
VSS copy backup instead of a full backup. By default
the VSS Provider initiates snapshots using the Full
backup type setting. Each application responds
differently to this request. In the case of Microsoft
Exchange, the database logs are truncated. If you do
not select this option, Backup Exec performs a full VSS

Please check if this option is selected. 



I'm am also getting the same since we have upgraded to 20.6. Wasnt a problem before.


We are on Exch 2013.


Doing a manual vss snapshot via diskshadow works perfectly (logs are truncated) but using backup exec they arent.

Prety sure the VSS system is not at fault here. 


The job is set to use VSS Full backup. I have deleted the job and re-created it again, still does the same thing.



I too have come across this issue. Is there anyway this can be done automatically with Backup Exec, or will I be better off using another product?


If you using Hyper-V, you might experience the following issue:

If so, then run occasionally a Remote Agent backup in addition to the virtual backup.