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Backup Exec and Hyper V


Good day

I have a scenario here.

2 physical Server

Both have hyperV host


For the First Server it have 2 VMs (File Server ) and (Backup Exec Server)

For the Second Server it have 4 VMs (2 web) and (2 manage console)

My question is what whould be the license on this scenario?

A. 1 x Backup Exec Server , 1 x Backup Exec Agent for windows and 1 x Agent for hyper v

B. 1 x Backup Exec Server , 2 x Agent for windows

questions 2 : if we use agent for windows license on hyperv host it can backup the VMs?

Thank you in advance,

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Re: Backup Exec and Hyper V

Does the Licensing Guide with its example answer your question:

Re: Backup Exec and Hyper V


Please read up in the Licensing Guide about Instance based licensing.

This is by far the most cost effective and you don't need to worry about individual licenses.

The Instance-based licenses come in packs of 10.
I count 6 instances. If you want to backup anything on the Hyper-V servers, then the instances are 8.

So, 1 x Instance Based license.

We also need to look at Features that you need. You do not seem to have any MS or Oracle DB's/applications.
You only need Hyper-V and File-level backups.
For this, you only need Bronze license.
In other words,

For Agent-based licenses, option 1 seems to be best, but add another Agent for Windows.

You will use BE Server and 1 x Windows agent for BE and for the fileserver. No Hyper-V agent unless you want to deploy more VMs and need Hyper-V type backups.

You will need a Windows Agent for the 2nd Hyper-V server and Agent for VMware and Hyper-VM for the 4 VMs.

Looking at the Agent-based licenses, it is easy to get confused.
Even more reason to go for Instance-based licenses that gives you everything you need in a single license key.

Re: Backup Exec and Hyper V

There are couple of ways this can be licensed :

Option 1 - Bronze , Silver & Gold option which are based on FETB(Front End Tera Byte) to be backed up. If there is no APP/DB and all the instances are windows based then BRONZE will work , but if has APP/DB and linux based workoload then SILVER edition.

Option 2 - A la carte option - 

                  1 x BE Media Server License

                  2 x Agent for VMware/Hyper V

                 (if any APP/DB on the VM then will also need that many - Agents for APP/DB)

Option 3 - V Ray Edition which is based on the No of CPUs on the Hyper V host.

For example if 2 CPUs on Hyperv/VMware host   Then - 2 x BE V Ray Edition License

Hope it helps !!!