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Backup Exec at VMworld

Level 2

VMworld 2016 was by all accounts a big success for Veritas, with several thousand visitors to a fabulous booth and nearly 50 TED-talk style product chats that filled our audience space. I had the pleasure of sharing the Backup Exec presentations with my friend Mikko; together we addressed over a hundred conference attendees with interest in BE. The message was simple:

  • Though very diverse, Mid-Market organizations face the same data challenges today as Enterprises: rapid data growth, high expectations for performance, and cost-cutting pressures
  • Unique is that these organizations often have just one guy or gal to take care of it all: backup, storage, network, air conditioning, phones... so they need an easy-to-operate data protection solution that they can trust
  • We know this from the Spiceworks data we collected - and we see the continued importance of physical machines in the data center. It was heresy to say this at VMworld, though many heads nodded in agreement.
  • The future is Physical, Virtual and Cloud
  • Backup Exec has the most extensive Hardware Compatibility List of any vendor in the mid-market space - we do the testing so our customers don't have to
  • We emphasized Backup Exec's long track record with VMware - protecting virtual machines since before some of our competitors were even founded
  • Backup users are heading cloudwards - and Backup Exec's cloud capabilities is helping them get there with Amazon, Google, Azure and other S3-compatible targets

Lastly, we were excited to give a preview of our upcoming Backup Exec version 16, coming out in Q4. We expect to provide full data protection support for Microsoft Cloud, as well as vSphere 6.5 at launch. Stay tuned for more.

BE at VMworld.jpg