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Backup Exec change Media set without my authorization

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We have Backup Exec 2014 on a Windows 2003 server with a robotic tape library. I dont know why Backup Exec change  the tapes from a Media Set to another. If some backup job dont have enough free space in the media set assigned I want the application report me an error instead of take a tape from other media set to complete the backup job.

Tenemos Backup Exec 2014 sobre un servidor Windows 2003 con una cabina de cintas. No entiendo por qué Backup Exec cambia las cintas de un grupo de soportes a otro. En caso de que algún trabajo de copia se quede sin espacio en su grupo de soportes asignado quiero que dé error en lugar de coger aleatoriamente un soporte de otro grupo para realizar el backup.


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BE won't take from another media set..are you sure that the tapes aren't being returned to scratch which would then allow the tapes to be used by another set?



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Please read the information in a table in the admin guide that details how Backup Exec chooses overwriteable media (tapes) - as by design every combination of settings can result in media (tapes)  moving between media sets during an overwrite operation (the table in the admin guide lists "recyclable media in any media set" as being part of the choices for every configuration that is possible)


The exact order during which BE searches for overwritable media (tapes) can be controlled and BE can only move a tape between sets where the tape is in an overwritable state and where none of the earlier rules in the same configuation result in a suitable tape being identified


The only way to limit jobs to using specific tapes in a library is to use slot partitioning (which can cause other tape use issues - typically failed jobs OR jobs waiting for manual intervention)


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The ultimate goal of Backup Exec is to get a backup of the data. If a media becomes available for overwirte in another media set then it will be used.

Partitioning the slots is one way to limit which media and/or tape drives are used by the backup. However, youmust target the backup job to the parition and not the library. Otherwise you'll cross partitions and/or media sets during backups and/or restores.

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Backup Exec with media set will work like the following:

1. BE will look for a tape in a media set, if there are no tapes in that media set, it will look for a overwritable media(Scratch or Fresh tape)

2. Also please check the Job properties, in the storage tab, check which option is selected,

Append media, if no overwritable media, tha should be the default.



Backup Exec con el conjunto de los medios de comunicación funcionará como la siguiente: 1. Ser buscará una cinta en un conjunto de medios, si no hay cintas en ese conjunto de medios de comunicación, se buscará un soporte sobrescribible (rasguño o una cinta fresca) 2. También compruebe las propiedades del trabajo, en la ficha de almacenamiento, active la opción que se ha seleccionado, Añadir medio, si no hay medios sobrescribible, tha debe ser el valor por defecto. Gracias, Selva.