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Backup Exec changes my text message address

My text message address is  I can send text messages from my email to this address when the dash is included.Everytime it tries to send me a text it removes the dash and the text becomes undeliverable.  The corresponding email shows the address as  How do I stop this from happening? 

We are running MS Windows Server 2008 R2.



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Highlighted BE fully BE fully patched?



I think you may need to log a

I think you may need to log a formal support case for us to look into this further, although it might be useful to known what version of BE you are using as well as if it is fully patched.


Running BE 2012 SP4 and

Running BE 2012 SP4 and hotfix 217347 installed.  No other updates available.  The emails come through fine but it would be nice to receive a text when I'm not able to view my email.

UPDATE: Well I don't know what happened but all of a sudden I am getting the text messages?  Wierd, I've been working on this over the course of a week.  Whatever happened, it seems to be working now.