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Backup Exec communicating over wrong NIC

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I have an issue with a new installation where the web interface defaults to the wrong NIC. The interface will eventually open but takes forever. Here is the setup and situation:

Backup Exec 2010 R2 fully patched

Win2K8 R2 Cluster

2 NICs


SAN SSO option enabled

I can see the traffic hitting the private NIC instead of the public. Here is one catch, I originally installed this as a cluster setup. I uninstalled the cluster config and reinstalled as a local install (server is still part of the cluster).

Things I tried:

If I disable the private NIC then it opens and runs normally.

Checked NIC priority and the public is 1st.

I have another server with the same setup and it works fine. The main difference is that I never enabled BE clustering on that BE install.


Anyone know how to make BE itself use a certain NIC, not just jobs?


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Check the Network and Security setting for the backup job and find the Network interface selected

  • Open the Backup job properties
  • Click 'Network and Security" in the left pane
  • Check the "Network interface" option in the right side
  • From the drop down menu, choose the preferred Network interface

Level 2

Right, thats for backup jobs. I'm having trouble with the interface.

FYI, I have already tried that with no effect.

Level 2

So i found that the heartbeat NIC had a duplex mismatch and was causing the slowdown but I would still like to know why and how to change the communication over the heartbeart NIC.

On my other setup there is no activity on the heartbeat NIC when starting BE.

Is it a BE setting or maybe OS? I have also tried NIC ordering in the registry to take the cluster virtual NIC below the Public and Public as #1.

Level 6

Anything heartbeat related is OS level settings.

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Thats not really the point here. There is a lot of activity from BE on the heartbeat NIC and shouldn't be.

Again, I have another setup exactly the same and that does not happen. I'm thinking something is left over from the original BE cluster setup that I would like to fix.

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Similar issue - have you found a solution to this?

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I of course opened my mouth before I started to look for myself. 

I found it under the Tools > Options > Network and Security > then section that reads "Network Interface".