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Backup Exec error E00084AF

After upgrading to BE 2010 SP3, most of my jobs are now failing with error e00084AF: Directory C:\Windows\sysvol\sysvol\DOMAIN\DO_NOT_REMOVE_NtFrs_PreInstall_Directory was not found, or could not be accessed.

I'm sure I can't be the only one.

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Bulbous, Have you looked at


Have you looked at this technote:

Not sure what the OS is, but

Not sure what the OS is, but if it is 2003, This Microsoft KB should help

I read the technote, but it

I read the technote, but it refers to a completely different folder. I have also read 822132, which refers to Server 2003, but so far my error has been limited to Server 2008. I still have some Server 2003 Media Centres to upgrade, though.

Since this error only appeared after the SP3 upgrade, I wonder the file was something BE globally excluded as per KB822132, but this exclusion has been removed?

Bulbous, Would you be able to


Would you be able to send me a job log when this error occurs?
This would help is diagnosing what may be happening.  (Send to

And to confirm, this is happening on all jobs, or specific ones?

Anything in the applicatino/system event logs showing up around the same time this error comes up?

This seems to be happening on

This seems to be happening on two media servers after the installation of 2010 SP3. Both media servers are domain controllers, and the error occurs on the local backup (i.e. not on remote servers). Nothing is noted in the event logs.

I have set a manual exclusion for this folder. I'll email you the job logs. The error is probably more nuisance than problematic.

Thanks for the update, I'll

Thanks for the update, I'll look for the log file and continue the research.

happened to me as well. 6

happened to me as well.

6 different customers - 6 different environments. the media server on all of them is the domain controller.

all of them without any difference failed with the same message.

bug in the sp3.

i just excluded this folder from all backups to get success but it's a little bit strange that symantec released this SP3 after such a long wait (6 months) and such a feature will not be already implemented into the SP.

also i was very disapointed that still no solution for 2012 as per multiple server backup from one job - thought i was already going to upgrade all of my customers but apparently symantec would like them to just leave her for other companies that have simple solutions.

Single-server Windows 2008 R2

Single-server Windows 2008 R2 SP domain, simple incremental/full backup strategy (i.e. as simple as they come), Backupexec 2010 R3 SP2 upgraded to SP3 yesterday.  Full backup gives this errorhaving worked fine forever..

Doesn't paint a very good picture of 'a massive beta testing'.  Was planning to upgrade to 2012 SP2, but this needs fixing first - wouldn't want to confuse it with other 2012 'teething troubles'

Bulbous, As we continue to

As we continue to research this or why the error is being thrown up, one thing you can do is to add a global level or job level exclude for the path:
C:\windows\sysvol\<domain name>/DO_NOT_REMOVE_NtFrs_Preinstall_Directory

We are still investigating this.

Since this error (for me)

Since this error (for me) only seems to affect the Media Server, simply excluding this folder from the selection list is a good workaround. Good luck!


[In my affected environments, the media server is the only domain controller].

Workaround works fine - seems

Workaround works fine - seems innocuous

Interestingly I found an article ( from 2005 - Veritas days - describing exactly the same thing.  And according to Microsoft, NTBackup automatically skips it as it's transient use by file replication services.  Which isn't terribly relevant in a single-DC domain!

Looking forward to the definitive answer

i had the same problem after

i had the same problem after upgrading one SBS 2003 server and one SBS 2011 server to BE2010 SP3. excluding the folder for now resolved the issue but am also curious that's going on.

I am getting this error as

I am getting this error as well.  This has been occuring since the media server auto-updated to 2010 R3 SP3.

Try the steps below 1. Create

Try the steps below

1. Create a new backup selection or if possible the whole job.
2. Do not select C:\SYSVOL in the backup selection as this is by default backed up from the System State of that Server. And this error might be displayed due to the fact that the default internal exclusion for the SYSVOL directory was not properly formatted
3. On the Advanced Open file tab in the backup job select to use AOFO
4. Select use Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service in  open file configuration
5. For Snapshot provider use “System – Use Microsoft Shadow Copy Provider”
6. Make sure that the Process Logical Volumes for backup one at a time is checked.

As excluding a single file

As excluding a single file (DO_NOT_REMOVE_NtFrs_Preinstall_Directory) works perfectly well as a workaround (for me and others in this thread, anyway), I don't see the point of a far more complicated 6-step process that starts with an exclusion.  More opportunity for error if nothing else.  Is there any underluing reason for using this rather than the original method?

I'm assuming this is presented as an alternative temporary workaround rather than an offical answer - after all, the problem did arise as a result of the Service Pack!

I tested this solution on both system and it worked well.


My last post was coming up to

My last post was coming up to 2 months ago, last 'we're investigating this' was on 5th August - time for an update?

It's coming up on 5 months

It's coming up on 5 months that you are "still investigating this"... time for an update perhaps?

Hello, I also updated to


I also updated to BE2010R3 SP3. I can confirm that the Problem which is discussed here still isn't solved. After updating from SP2 to SP3 the backup job on the media server will fail in general with the error E00084AF "Directory C:\Windows\sysvol\{mydomain}\DO_NOT_REMOVE_NtFrs_PreInstall_Directory was not found, or could not be accessed".

Still no patch via LiveUpdate yet!

I will consider myself satisfied with the workaround...